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Why Not A Constitutional Convention? - Why Michael Farris Is Wrong, Again.

I've been receiving calls from home school parents in several states alarmed with Michael Farris' role in calling for a Convention of the States. [Apparently he changed the name as the previous name Con Con (Constitutional Convention) for such a misguided effort fell on rocky soil back in the 1990s and didn't see any political growth.] Many people are rising up to oppose him, again. Honestly, he seems to cook up some new strategy and organization about every ten years to expand his political base of influence...mostly, to wrong ends. Phyllis Schlafly is opposed to this effort.

The Learned Critics of Farris' Parental Rights Amendment Keep Lining Up!

RTP is confident the Parental Rights Amendment movement is going to die off, just as Farris' failed Parental Rights and Restoration federal legislation was killed off by a hand-full of home-school Moms in the 1990s. Another scholar has added her voice to the list of thoughtful critics. I can't vouch for Publius Hulda over all but do read this excellent piece by her found Here.

Graham Walker, Michael Farris, and Fascism in a Christian Garb

What are they really teaching at Patrick Henry College (PHC)? Bojidar Marinov is a young Reformed theologian who is an aggressive promoter of home-schooling. He has recently written a piece exposing the real commitment to the fascist, centralized, state by the leaders of PHC. To read it click here.

Michael Farris' Fatal Flaw On The 14th Amendment

Historians and lawyers are coming forth to challenge the weak reed by which Michael Farris has established his defense of home-schoolers in America. The event which triggered this matter was Michael Farris' attack on Ron Paul. Regardless of what you think of Ron Paul, the basis of Farris' attack is his poor understanding of the 14th Amendment. My entire view changed after reading these two books.

Excessive Profits Always Invites Competition...And Praise God It Has Again!

It has been Rescue the Perishing's argument since the mid 1990s that HSLDA has positioned themselves

After Paying Dues For Years - Is This What You Can Expect From HSLDA, Due to Farris' Weak Theology?

Five years later Rev. McAtee is still broiling about the unjust use of police force against his young son and family. The story is below. This cop's treatment of the McAtee family exceeds all bounds of the state's authority, granted in Scripture. It is aggressive abuse, tyrannical. But the telling point to all of this is HSLDA's response to the abuse received.

Michael Farris and his $2,000,000!

Does Michael Farris have another motive? Did he start off sound but in time recognize the religious right's magical fund-raising formula - that of mixing a little bit of fear and a whole lot of Federal government "solutions" will yield a massive pile of cash? Does he have a messianic complex with the Republican Party?

Parental Rights? Or Farris Money and Control!

Christian homeschoolers have risen up against Michael Farris' misguided Parental Rights agenda in the past. Then it was proposed federal legislation. There are better and more Biblical ways to oppose civil intrusions into parental authority - ways that have worked over the years. Such methods stir men to greater obedience, provide public testimony for the Lordship of Jesus Christ and advance his kingdom in the land, not necessarily the national "influence" or pocketbook of one man.

HSLDA Working Against Parental Rights And Liberty In New Hampshire

An account of HSLDA's effort to undermine New Hampshire grassroots homeschoolers' attempt to expand parental rights and liberty, reported by Homeschooling Is Legal, should be deeply disconcerting to all Christian homeschool families. See the report here. (I don't know who Homeschooling Is Legal even is, so I vouch for nothing else of theirs and see there are some views I strongly oppose. But this story merits your consideration.)

Michael Farris' Extremely Profitable Eisegesis

What is Eisegesis? To learn more about it and how Farris turns his into the tool needed to create the "demand" for his services, read this report found here.

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