HSLDA Working Against Parental Rights And Liberty In New Hampshire

An account of HSLDA's effort to undermine New Hampshire grassroots homeschoolers' attempt to expand parental rights and liberty, reported by Homeschooling Is Legal, should be deeply disconcerting to all Christian homeschool families. See the report here. (I don't know who Homeschooling Is Legal even is, so I vouch for nothing else of theirs and see there are some views I strongly oppose. But this story merits your consideration.)

Read of the two competing bills. See how the local grassroots' bill would open up freedom and honor parental rights for New Hampshire parents. Then notice how the HSLDA's bill keeps parents chained to the state and thus needing legal "protection" provided by HSLDA. This article makes a powerful point when they write, "It’s a conflict of interest for an out-of-state organization to introduce legislation which will directly protect its own livelihood."