Michael Farris and his $2,000,000!

Does Michael Farris have another motive? Did he start off sound but in time recognize the religious right's magical fund-raising formula - that of mixing a little bit of fear and a whole lot of Federal government "solutions" will yield a massive pile of cash? Does he have a messianic complex with the Republican Party? Where does Farris promote local homeschool authority, local home-school organizations, local homeschool legal defense, strengthening local political authority - especially when prior to the 14th Amendment America knew that all family law matters belonged at the county and state level, but no higher? And certainly not with Constitutional Amendments!

Why does Farris promote increasing federal involvement with homeschooling when the 10th Amendment movement, spreading across America, reflects what's going on around the world? Centralized governments and their economies (I.e. Euro) are breaking apart. In a word - decentralization!

Want to start down this road of reconsidering Michael Farris' motives? Download this article and prayerfully consider my first argument. Then read on the rest of this site.