The Mission of this website is to challenge you to consider if Michael Farris is fighting for real home school freedom any longer! We hope you will come to agree with Rescue the Perishing and a growing number of Christian homeschool families across America. Check us out on the Navigation menu to the left.

Now That Michael Farris Is The New Head Man At Alliance "Defending" Freedom How Long....

...before his legal insurance scheme at HSLDA is started at ADF. My guess is Farris will solicit the churches to pay the big premiums to "defend" their liberties. See ADF's disgusting defense of state involvement of marriage here.

Pastor Matt Trewhella of Wisconsin Shoots Down Article V Convention

Pastor Matt Trewhella, friend of Rescue the Perishing for 25+ years, shoots down Article V at a legislative hearing in Wisconsin last week. Oh that America would be filled with such pastors. And oh that Michael Farris would be so willing to serve Christ as sacrificially as Pastor Trewhella has. See his short video here.

Check Out HSLDA's/Patrick Henry College's/Parental Rights' IRS Filings Here

RTP first started posting this in 2010. As we've updated several of his 990 IRS reports recently we thought it prudent to post it toward the top of the page for the time being. Do you want to review the finances of Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College? See below. Download them. Print them off. Let other homeschool families see the evidence of Michael Farris' money machine.

HSLDA 990 IRS Forms

There is Hope! A 14 yr. Old Home-school Girl Produces A Video Exposing Farris' Follies.

Farris recently did a poor job of debating local John Birch Society members on his Constitution of the States (formerly known as the ConCon) in Oklahoma. A 14 year old home-schooled girl, Liberty Stevens, produced a short video of Farris' fallacious arguments. You can watch it here The kids are on to him.

HSLDA Promoting Common Core ACT Tests in Virginia! What Next?

With the ACT tests now being written to match up with Common Core why is Michael Farris promoting legislation encouraging home-school families in Virginia to satisfy the state's year-end assessment "requirements" by using the ACT test? Home-school students will have to study for and meet the Common Core "standards" to pass. See more here.

The Queen Of Public Education Criticism - Charlotte Iserbyt - Is Now Exposing Michael Farris

She's 84 years old and Charlotte Iserbyt, the former US Department of Education policy analyst, hasn't let up. Now her new blog has posted two long threads on the serious errors of Michael Farris. See her posts here and here.

Harvard Trained Constitutional Scholar Dr. Edwin Vierea Comes Out Against Article V Convention!

As with Michael Farris' concocted fight$ over parental rights, etc. in the past, the growing voice of opponents to an Article V Constitutional Convention (what some are calling a Convention of the States) is, and will continue, growing. Now Harvard trained legal scholar Dr. Edwin Vierea has recorded a video of his challenge to it see. See it here.

Michael Farris Misses The Mark...

Another pastor challenges Michael Farris' self serving article re-defining patriarchy. See here.

Smack, Smack, Smack! Michael Farris Get's Smacked Down Again!

Quoting Joel McDurmon: SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! For everyone who smelt a whiff of squirrely opportunism in the recent Farris swipe at Phillips and Gothard: behold, the scrubbing of old associations was NOT done thoroughly enough. See here.

New Video Exposing Farris' and David Barton's Errors on Article V

I was sent this video link today. I don't know who it is that produced this but they have a revealing analysis of the Convention of the States in it. Farris' bravado aside (which I've seen before) we would do well to figure out why Farris and George Soros' agenda seem to be merging. Not surprised to see David Barton folding too. Watch it here. Thank you for forwarding this to me RP.

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