Why Not A Constitutional Convention? - Why Michael Farris Is Wrong, Again.

I've been receiving calls from home school parents in several states alarmed with Michael Farris' role in calling for a Convention of the States. [Apparently he changed the name as the previous name Con Con (Constitutional Convention) for such a misguided effort fell on rocky soil back in the 1990s and didn't see any political growth.] Many people are rising up to oppose him, again. Honestly, he seems to cook up some new strategy and organization about every ten years to expand his political base of influence...mostly, to wrong ends. Phyllis Schlafly is opposed to this effort. See Here. Thank you Phyllis!

The best analysis I've seen getting to the heart of the matter was written by Rev. Peter Allison of Conroe, TX. I encourage all of my visitors (which has picked up, of late) to consider Rev. Allison's sound argument. Look carefully at his reference to the real solution at the very bottom of his piece Here. You will note by his website that in addition to being a faithful minister of the Gospel, Pastor Allison has also written a book on the immorality of our central banking system. Prior to this he used to "drive" nuclear submarines for the US Navy and formerly taught at the US Naval Academy.