About Us

Paul Dorr, director of Rescue The Perishing (RTP) ministry, eagerly professes faith in the completed work of Jesus Christ and "do believe that His substitutionary atonement has been imputed to me and that Christ alone paid the price for my sin nature and sins. By His sacrifice, I enjoy one of the many blessings secured 'for those who believe', that is - by grace I am found 'not guilty' before our Heavenly Father's throne, now and for all eternity! Through Christ's resurrection and ascension I join with millions who are in-grafted to his body, as part of his 'chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.' (1 Peter 2:9) And another of the many gifts He provides is the strength for me to progressively militate against my old sin nature and grow in grace, faith and obedience, all for His honor and glory!"

Dorr is the husband to his wife Debra (who shares the same profession) and father of their eleven Christian children. Dorr oversees the home-schooling of their children and has served as a ruling elder in a local Christian church.

Paul Dorr was a successful banker in Iowa having helped put together his first bank stock transaction at the age of 28 leaving him in a position to own half of a local community bank. He later sold his interest and ran a successful bank management and bank mergers/acquisitions consulting business during the troubled 1980s. In the 1980s he was the lead consultant on the referral list of the largest banking law firm in Iowa. He was solicited to work for some of the largest banks in the Upper Midwest, in one case by the owner of an Omaha, NE, bank.

Then the Lord Jesus Christ convicted him of two major public and personal sins - the immorality of fiat money and of population control, also known as child-killing by abortion (surgical and chemical). The Spirit of God moved to convict his wife Debra, at much the same time. In time, Dorr came to see how inextricably linked the two are. Dorr walked out of the banking industry in 1988, never to go back even when requested to. (Personal Note: I write this for one reason - to demonstrate to those who have any doubt that my criticism of Michael Farris has anything to do with material envy. It does not. )

Rescue the Perishing was started in 1988 to advance the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ in every area of life, including the civil realm. It started it's work in front of the abortion clinics of the Midwest. Today it enjoys support from a small base of like-minded Christians in three states.

Dorr and RTP supporters have advocated for the moral Law of our Lord Jesus Christ before civil courts, in policy debates, media interviews, political campaigns, in front of crisis pregnancy centers, etc. Dorr has led hundreds to pray and advocate for pre-born babies at the abortion clinic in Sioux Falls, SD, leafleted 65,000 households in the city in an effort to to stop Planned Parenthood from moving in, and later spent jail time in six states as a result of direct, peaceful action to save babies about to murdered in abortion clinics. In 1995 Dorr personally fought the truancy laws of Iowa in court and won educational freedom from the State's unjust jurisdiction for his family and and for those in his church.

In addition to this ministry, Dorr also operates Copperhead Consulting Services, a political consulting business established to assist local taxpayers in political campaigns designed to defeat proposed government school tax levies and bonds. His success rate to date is 84% new tax proposals defeated.

Dorr notes one similar observation in each battle he has prosecuted for the glory of Christ. It is that the disobedient church and our so-called religious right friends, are most often our greatest foe. More than most any other direct action, Dorr now advocates - get God's children out of Pharaoh's schools (including most of those regulated by Pharaoh)....NOW!