Excessive Profits Always Invites Competition...And Praise God It Has Again!

It has been Rescue the Perishing's argument since the mid 1990s that HSLDA has positioned themselves to reap excessive financial gain from home-school families by subtly manipulating fear of unjust civil intrusions into our families and by manipulating legislation in the home-school movement. As a result - the money side of their movement has exploded in the last twenty years, as this website demonstrates.

It would appear that this has not gone unnoticed by other Christians in the legal field. Let us introduce you to Home School Legal Advantage. We understand that they have grown to 16,000 members in the first year after they were established.

The Christian Law Association, Florida parent organization to Home School Legal Advantage, has been defending parent's rights (over 8,000 times) in the education of their children for over 40 years. They have a highly qualified staff. They are also the lawyers who fought for Terry Schaivo's parents in their tragic loss to stop her husband from euthanizing her.

Costs to enroll? Annual membership is a suggested donation of $65 the first year and $51 for each renewal year, thereafter. That's right a "suggested donation". As this is a legal ministry, if your family can't afford any amount they will still enroll you for a suggested donation of $0.00. Again, financially struggling Christian home school families can receive home school legal protection for free. Check here.

Another benefit, HSLA will also draft a free Last Will and Testament for the parents of any membership family. Check here.

As HSLA is relatively new to us here at Rescue the Perishing, we can't vouch for their legal history and/or their doctrinal beliefs. But we heartily suggest you check them out for yourself and consider if HSLA is not the new place for your home school legal coverage!