Now That Michael Farris Is The New Head Man At Alliance "Defending" Freedom How Long....

...before his legal insurance scheme at HSLDA is started at ADF. My guess is Farris will solicit the churches to pay the big premiums to "defend" their liberties. See ADF's disgusting defense of state involvement of marriage here.

III. Withdrawing from Civil Marriage Raises Serious Concerns. There are also a host of practical concerns that should cause pastors to think very critically and prayerfully before deciding to stop signing state marriage licenses. By refusing to sign marriage licenses, are pastors participating in the further
deterioration of an institution that society — and particularly children —desperately needs? Is such a step practically necessary when there are currently no attempts to force pastors to perform weddings that violate their faith? Consider also the legal ramifications for a couple that is religiously
married, but not civilly married. Civil marriage affects property rights, assumptions of paternity, probate and inheritance rights, family visitation rights, and numerous other legal issues. How will these legal matters be addressed? And if pastors do encourage couples to obtain a separate civil marriage, why is it appropriate for congregants to do something (sign a marriage license) that pastors will not?